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Junior Arts FAQs

What are Junior Artists?

Junior Artists are our youngest campers–all incoming 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders are Junior Artists.

If my child is entering 3rd grade, must she be a Junior Artist?  She is very mature.

Yes, all campers entering 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade must be Junior Artists.

How does the program work on a day to day basis?

In the mornings, all the Junior Artists move together as a group with the Junior Arts Coordinator. First Period alternates between pool and games; Second Period is music for the first two weeks and performance for the last three weeks; Third Period is art. The Junior Artists eat lunch and attend the noontime show together each day.  After the noontime show, Junior Artists go to the workshops and Fifth/Sixth Period classes they have chosen.

Do Junior Artists have the same workshop and Fifth/Sixth Period choices as other campers?

Since classes are often split by age group, Junior Artists choose from a variety of workshop options and Fifth/Sixth Period classes that would be fun and suitable for their age range.

What is the Junior Arts Show?

The last three weeks of camp, Junior Artists prepare to put on a fun show during Second Period under the guidance of some of the staff. On Festival Day, the Saturday of the final week of camp, the Junior Artists perform before campers and family alike.