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Take your talents to the next level or try something new.  
MSSA offers a program rich in possibilities.

Creative Arts Grades 4-11

Creative Arts

Grades 4-11

MSSA is a multi-arts immersion program.  We offer a variety of classes in visual arts, theatre, technical theatre, music, and digital media, as well as multiple full-scale theatrical productions for the various age groups.

The Creative Arts Program is offered as a 

5-Week Program (June 26- July 29th)

2-Week Program (June 26-July 7th)

3-Week Program (July 10-July 29th)

Junior Arts Grades 2-3

Junior Arts

Grades 2-3

Our Junior Artists get a sampling of performing arts, visual art and recreation, as they travel together from class to class.  This supervised  program is a fantastic way for younger artists to experience something new in a safe and nurturing environment.  

The Junior Arts Program is offered as a 

5-Week Program (June 26-July 29th)

2-Week Program (June 26-July 7th)

3-Week Program (July 10-July 29th)
Apprentice Program Grade 11

Apprentice Program

Grade 11
Our Apprentice Program allows our artists entering 11th grade to choose and specialize in one particular area of the arts, while still having the opportunity to participate in the full array of classes, including multiple performance opportunities.

The Apprentice Program is a
5-Week Program ONLY (June 26-July 29th)