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Apprentice Program

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Applications are due by May 15, 2017
The Apprentice Program is designed to give our oldest campers the opportunity to work individually with one of our professional instructors in the area that interests them most.  Through a one-on-one mentoring program the Apprentices will devote one period a day, for the first 2-weeks, learning as much as possible about their chosen area.

During the last 3-weeks each Apprentice will then become responsible for applying their particular genre to the Apprentice Show which will be performed on Festival Day. 

The show will be put together as a collaborative process by all of our Apprentices and the Apprentice Adviser.

To apply to MSSA as an Apprentice fill out the Apprentice Program Application in addition to Registering for camp.

Apprentice Applications are due by May 15, 2017

Q: Do you have to be an Apprentice if you are going into your Junior Year of high school?
A: No.  If you would like to attend camp as part of our Creative Arts Program you certain can.

Q: If I'm not a performer would I have to be in the Apprentice Show?
A: No, if you are a non-performance Apprentice, you are not obliged to be in the Apprentice Show, but your art will be displayed in the theatre and/or gallery.  There will be a show at the end of camp that will include a performance and a display in the Art Gallery.